Extraordinary Jawns

Jawn: noun(Philly slang) meaning something; any object, place or thing. In this case...women.

Far and wide recent conversations about gymnasts Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas have focused on their skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Around dinner tables, in bars and in the workplace Americans can't get enough of the "Final Five" in general and of these two in particular. However in random places in the black community some have decided to focus on the pettiest of things...their edges. It's hair people!

Simone and Gabby are world class athletes who train upwards of 15 hours a day. I have one question for the petty people who focus on their hair and think they should look a certain way...What Do You Do? Simone and Gabby push their bodies past the point of exhaustion. They sacrifice, they commit, they win...What Do You Do? Simone and Gabby don't hit the snooze button, they aren't regular, they don't have time for the ordinary and mundane...What Do You Do? Simone and Gabby work long, work hard, work out...What Do You Do?

Do you spend your money eating healthy or do you spend it on endless weaves and on keeping your edges laid? Do you spend your spare time getting fit or do you spend it at the salon unwilling to workout cause you wanna "look good?" Do you toil in frivolity or do you excel at breaking records and remaking the world on your terms? Do you accept a European standard of beauty? Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror without the armor of your weave, lashes and makeup? Do you rail against their natural look and edges because of self-loathing?

Simone Biles an Gabby Douglas are portraits of excellence. They are extraordinary jawns who don't have time to focus on ordinary shit.
Top: Anthropologie | Pants: Elevenses (from Anthropologie) | Shoes: Top Shop | Shades: Moorea Seal | Jewelry: Helen Ficalora/Michelle

Photography by Eric

These palazzo pants give me life! Every time I wear them it's like I have a new outfit. The colors make them easy to pair and above all else, they're the height of comfort. 

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