Basking: in the glory of accomplishment after completing my 200 hour training to become a certified yoga instructor.

Enjoying: the privilege of reading for pleasure again now that training is over and much of my leisure time is my own again.

Stopping: to appreciate the small things in life...like the smell of lavender in my front yard, my new office location at work, a cold crisp glass of white wine.

Content: with my new cut. I went shorter than I ever have. It's no muss, no fuss, and I absolutely adore it!

Looking forward to: the summer getaways. Staycations, vacations, girlfriend getaways, and family fun!

Letting go of: Old hurts, old people, old ways, old thoughts, old words. Life and experience have taught me that in order to get NEW, you have to do NEW (forsaking some things and people from the past).

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  1. WOW! thing is... after 3 mons, you'll be damn near shoulder length!...lol very nice, I remember when I wore mine that short.. Less fuss indeed!


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