Listening to: Prince's 1999 and The Hits B Sides albums in heavy rotation. And each time I have my own private dance party that leaves me exhilarated. The music makes me think about a time when the living was easy and good times came from every direction. Favorites...Dance Music Sex Romance, Delirious, She's Always in My Hair, and Irresistable Bitch.

Reading: JFK and The Unspeakable, which is a non-fiction work about JFK, his policies, and what lead to his assassination. I believe in conspiracies and if you liked Oliver Stone's JFK this is a must read for you.

Appreciating: Thanksgiving food, days off from work, and time spent with family.

Grateful for: His mercy, Thankful for His grace, And expects to see His favor.

Thankful: Today and everyday for my friends who love me and are there for me through all my shit. Who don't allow me to take myself too seriously. Who call bullshit on me when it's necessary and who are just there when I need them without judgement. I love you for who you are just as you are.

Letting go of: Old hurts, old people, old ways, old thoughts, old words. Life and experience have taught me that in order to get NEW, you have to do NEW (forsaking some things and people from the past). 

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