The Rundown

Housedress: Asos (old)
Captured this beautiful sunset over the soccer field whilst fulfilling some mom carpool responsibilities.
A delicious steak dinner...out with Eric celebrating our wedding anniversary.
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Cape: Asos (similar here)

I adore summer with all it's heat and humidity. While a challenge for my fro, the moisture and humidity are good for both hair and skin. But for the first time I can recall...I'm actually looking forward to and welcoming fall. Go fucking figure!! Not sure how I've gotten to this point in life, maybe it's my age, maybe it's because fall clothes are THE best (second only to spring shit). In any event, I plan to live in grey and to enjoy a time when humidity won't get the better of my hair. Check back with me in three months though, I'll likely be feeling a lot different as fall turns to winter. 

Ciao Bellas!!

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