Sunshine, Fluff, and a Pouf!

You may not know this about me (why would you) but I don't really get down with stockings. I only wear any sort of hosiery when absolutely necessary, YES, even in the winter. Therefore you might imagine how I not only delighted in, but totally took advantage of, having December temps north of 50°.  
Bare legs it was!
I released my hair from it's protective style and welcomed back my girl, my ace boon coon, my 'Fro. I often grow weary of managing my hair, hence the braids or other alternatives, but I swear when it's tucked away I desperately miss it. What can I say, I'm flighty (though I like to call it whimsical) and I'm perfectly fine with that☺.  
For anyone looking to pattern mix what I've done here is an elementary approach to it. I did it subtly with two different animal prints (belt & shoes). Its a way to dip your toe in the water and work your way up to bigger and bolder attempts.
Turtleneck (old): Michael Stars. Skirt/Jacket/Belt: J. Crew. Shoes: Sam Edelman. Bag: Longchamp. Pouf (old): Bando (similar here). Shades: RayBan. Lippie: MAC Dangerous.

Loads of kisses!


  1. You look amazing and springy. This post reminds me of a chic Gap ad.And your fro is flourishing!!

    1. Thanks Amma, I'm trying to be patient with it:-).


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