Being anesthetized by the low grade and constant buzz of technology is practically an automatic in this day and age. While an awesome tool for connectivity, the pull of social networking can be unrelenting and all consuming. Our tendency is to let the time spent in cyber space fill up all the lulls & voids in our day. In recent weeks and months I've tried to use my down time constructively.  

Perhaps influenced by the reflective time of year or maybe a by product of maturity, I've recently experienced a growing desire to spend quiet time (literally no noise, no action) with my thoughts. Time spent in reflection is SO NECESSARY yet so underrated. It's fuel for my brain as well as fuel for my soul. It affords me the opportunity to get better connected with my thoughts, emotions, and desires. It allows me to be open and receptive to what the Divine has in store for me. 

I begin this year (and invite you to join me) with the intent to spend more quiet time in reflection. Thinking. Listening. Connecting. 

Happy New Year and butterfly kisses to you!!


  1. Happy New Year Sheila. This post really does hit home for me as I found myself trying to resist the urge to check social media accounts even when I'm in relaxation mode. The pull and need to always feel connected started to worry me a bit and my hope for this new year is to really spend more time living in the moment. I've shut down FB and while it may not be forever, it is for right now, and I haven't looked back.

    Wishing you a peaceful new year.

    1. Kwashie recognizing the effect is the first step. I've cut my facebook time back recently as well by deleting the app from my phone and not visiting the site everyday. It just takes up way too much time. I'm trying to limit my social stuff (online) to things I do for the blog. Happy New Year and all the best!!!

  2. Such great advice and a great reminder for the New Year.

    Happy New Year!!! :-)

    1. Amma it's good to hear this post speaks to you:-) Happy New Year!!


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