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If you keep up with me or the blog you know I'm a natural hair girl who likes versatility in my look (clothes and hair). I LOVE an obnoxiously big fro, but at times I like to take a break from my other job of coiffeuse and minimize my hair maintenance. Unlike some natural hair bloggers I follow, I can't spend endless hours solely dedicated to my hair. Simply put, I've got a lot of other shit to do. Which brings me back to why I'm here today *she refocuses and let's that rant go*.

One of my go to hairstyle alternatives is braids using hair from It's Yours Hair Company! I was first introduced to the natural textured human hair nearly five years ago when I first went natural. Sold wefted and by the ounce, I purchased hair for braiding and immediately fell in love with the finished look!


While braided in, the style itself is twists and almost looks like I double strand twisted my own hair. The hair is sold in multiple textures like O Curl, Natural Curl, and Kinky to name a few. I started with O Curl and transitioned to Kinky as my hair grew out. There are many great things about the hair, like it's look, it's quality, and it's low maintenance. But the BEST thing about the hair is its sustainability! You purchase it initially and you can use it over and over again. Washing it between usage revitalizes the hair and leaves it ready for the next time you need a break from your own hair.


It's Yours also carries a full line of hair care products, which I love. My sons (who have jr. afros) and I regularly use the Twist & Curl Cream to manage our locks. Visit the It's Yours site to see their full compliment of offerings.

This is not a paid product review.

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