Wishing away: the winter. We've been collectively spoiled over the last few winters in the DC Metropolitan area and it's showing. I can hardly stand the frigid weather and snow. While I try not to be the person who rushes time to pass, I'll not be sad to say goodbye to this season. I saw a red robin today so I know spring is on it's way!!

Trying to see: all movies nominated in the Academy Awards Best Picture category. In the past few months I've seen 12 Years..., American Hustle, The Wolf..., Captain Phillips, and Dallas Buyers Club. I enjoyed them each on varying levels. My fave is The Wolf of Wall Street. I love DiCaprio's performance. However my prediction is for Dallas Buyers Club. I'm not a Matthew McConaghey fan but his performance was outstanding!

Excited about: my acceptance into a graduate school program. Whoohooo!!! I'm still celebrating☺

Focusing on: fitness. I started working out seriously and watching my diet since sometime in November and I'm happily still going strong!!! When summer get here I want to feel great and confident in my clothes.

Considering: my spring/summer treats to myself. I'd like a great cuff bracelet, a couple of bangles, a good pair of nude (that's caramel for me) shoes, and a new clutch.

Learning: to accept myself for who I am. I can't get any younger, prettier, or more different than who I am and I'm ok with that. I love me. And what's sometimes even tougher, I like me.

What are you currently up to?

Thanks to Bobbi for the inspiration for my Currently posts!

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