Hello & Good Bye

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Rather than regal you with It Girl Allure outfit posts from 2013, I'd just as soon end the year with words. I've put together a list of things I'd like to see go by the way side (Good Bye) and things I'd like to have, have more of, and start doing (Hello)!

Good Bye to:

1. All the negative nelly's/energy misers in my life, on the fringe of my life, or those of you I don't yet know...Keep Away! I haven't the time nor the inclination to coddle, cajole, or handhold more than my children or the other special little people in my life.

2. The words Can't, Scared, and Worry!

3. Regret...cause it's a waisted emotion. Rather than regret, I'm going to say what I feel when I feel it or as soon as humanly possible. So if you know me, you'll know how important you are to me.

And for the things I have less control of but would still like to say Good Bye to...

4. I wish someone would abolish the overuse of the word Amazing and all its derivatives (amazeballs, amaze)! Great works of art are amazing, accomplished & generous people can be amazing, natural wonders are amazing, so folks stop using that shit to describe the deal you got on a purse & shoes, the fun night you had with friends, or any other regular everyday occurrence.

5. Also, I want people to stop having "private" conversations on their cell phones, in "public" places, at group "conversational" volume. In other words, stopping all that loud talking on your cell phones when you're in line, on the bus, on the subway, in the waiting room, and in restaurants. You're not that important and we don't care to listen!

Hello to:

1. Renewed & deeper connections in my relationships, friendships, and family ties.

2. Claiming all the happiness and fulfillment my heart and hands can hold.

3. New adventures, new places, and not so familiar faces☺.

4. Healthier living, which includes conscious eating, regular exercise and a return to my yoga practice❤

5. More prayer and more living on purpose!!!

Happy New Year!!!


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