Claim It!

Misty Copeland
I hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving spent exactly the way you wanted...with family & friends, out & about, or in a cozy home with your wine and food straight chillin'. I spent my holiday hosting thirty family members, feasting on wonderful food, and catching up on events of a year that's SERIOUSLY flown by.

Rather than wait until the new year, I started exercising and paying more attention to my meals/snacks three weeks ago. I was proud of my meager accomplishments up to Turkey day but HONEY, can I tell you that on that day, I had a carbohydrate blackout!! Between the candied yams, stuffing, mac and cheese and the desserts...I put in work!! I felt bad afterward and I could have let that derail my efforts, but I'm not going out like that. I CLAIM IT!! I'm claiming workout success and I'm not giving up. I'm back on my workout grind and back to eating as clean as I can.
  • My struggle with snacking on sweet and salty treats at any time...day or night, GRIPPING.
  • Actually finding comfort in breads, rice, pastas and feeling a sense of calm and satisfaction while ingesting them, MENACING.
  • Those few inches that make the difference between a perfect fit and feeling uneasy & squirmy in my clothes, MADDENING.
  • The quest to be the healthiest version of me, ILLUSIVE, VALIANT, NECESSARY.
  • Looking better and feeling more confident at forty something than at twenty something, PRICELESS.
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  1. Love your writing Style....Great Post!

    1. Thank you, it's one of the things I like to do most!


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