Grateful For: My family. I went to Philly and visited with my newborn nephew (Ian). He's a preemie and he's absolutely the sweetest little thing:-). I also spent lots of time chatting it up with mom AND I got to party with my siblings. We danced Saturday night away and I learned the bachata from and excellent teacher!

Thinking a lot About: My Aunt Sheila. She helped frame who I am and I miss her every day. Seeing Monica Calhoun's character in Best Man Holiday, so reminds me Sheila Marie's likeness.

Enjoying: My new hair cut. I'm glad I'm not one of those chicks who's so focused on having long hair that it becomes my identity. I sheared my locs and once again I feel liberated! My style is big, funky, and sexy...it's quintessentially me. My Dad told me it looks like Sheila E's hair. Wasn't going for that but hmmm...

Obsessing Over: Collecting comfortable lounge wear to keep me warm as the winter bears down on us. I've finally accepted the fact that I'm allergic to wool. So what works for many makes me super itchy if I don't don an intervening layer and sometimes that just won't do. Given this information, I'm looking for the softest cottons to do me right this year and going forward. I'm open to suggestions...

Looking Forward To: The holidays. I love this time of year when the world (as I know it) slows down. Work and life seem to accept the fact that there's something more profound at play. And no I'm not talking about the gift giving. I relish the opportunity to re-connect with family and friends on a deeper level. I delight in catching up with the out-of-towners as they come to visit. I marvel at the delicious eats. I welcome the quiet times to reflect, renew, be still. And yes, I love being a little tipsy at the holiday events #don't judge me (but I really don't care if you do).

What are you currently up to?


  1. Currently I'm catching up on blogs...like yours! I'm grateful for true friends. I had a bit of self reflection earlier this morning about who are my true friends and what am I really gaining from the friendship of other 'friends'. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving so that I can truly pig out. Just for that one day. Hahah. Like I'm legit excited to make lasagna (haven't had it ALL YEAR).

    1. Vivi, I love your response! Good for you about friends. I'm a firm believer that not everyone deserves a front row seat in the play of your life. Its great when you realize this and can gently back away from those draining friendships.


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