Live It!

In this day and age, it's so easy to get caught up in living life virtually. What with social networks, games designed to mirror the real world, and technology that lets us talk to one another remotely, its very easy to feel like we're living. But, I've had to ask myself..."is an existence tethered to my computer, or smart phone, or television really living?" Does this wonderfully advanced existence we've embraced make us more prone to consider it rather than LIVE IT?

  • Determining what you're passionate about, praying on it and actively taking steps in that direction,SCARY & LIBERATING at the same damn time!
  • Knowing what you find unacceptable or what makes you unhappy and having the foresight and fortitude to graciously say, with your words or actions, nope this doesn't work for me, DOPE.
  • Making time to hang out with the girls (or guys), despite all our family commitments, LIFE AFFIRMING.
  • Finding a way to get to that far away place you've been desperate to visit forever, IMPERATIVE.
  • Saying, "I Love You" to the important people in your life whenever you can, EXPRESSIVE, GENEROUS, SMART.
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