Its Yours 2  
Currently...I'm a little overwhelmed with life, work, the blog, decisions etc. but I'm alive and I'm not complaining.

Toying with: The idea of heading back to school for an advanced degree. I can see myself doing it but then I think about the work and commitment and I'm all, ummm, well, maybe;-/. More to come on that.

Enjoying: The ease of having my hair blown out. Strict naturals would say I shouldn't do it all but I did it, I do, and I don't care. I've always been one for change and my hair shows it.

Watching: Scandal of course...are you not? Although I know there are many who don't feel the show, it's good drama and great scripted tv! I'm also totally engrossed in Homeland. And I'll tell you, I find myself pleased (shocked even) with the intrigue and plot twists that continue to play out in season three. The last show I'll mention is a Netflix original called Orange is The New Black. This show is funny, smart, dramatic and I'm definitely a fan!

Focused On: Reconnecting with friends. I've spent the last few weeks indulging my friendships with long talks, listening sessions, laughs, cries, lunches, dinners, prayers, and just good times. If we let it, Life will always get in the way, so I make a point to catch up with my girls and continue to cultivate those friendships.

Looking forward to: Nesting with the family this winter. I don't normally welcome the winter with open arms, but for some reason I am this year. I look forward to the times spent in our home laughing, eating, and enjoying one anothers company. I'm ready to cook hearty meals, watch movies & sports, and be still. 


  1. truly trying to stay away in pain for scandal. It's not the same if i'm not watching with everybody else on twitter. I love how naturals have rules on what you shouldn't do with your own hair. Do what you want. I mean seriously that afro look amazing though!

    1. I know right it's different when you're not live tweeting Scandal, but sometimes, the show goes so fast that I have to take a break from tweeting. As for those natural nazi's, in the words of my Godmother, I ain't steadin' them!!! It's MINE anyway I rock it!!!

  2. Soror think twice about school...I never imagined 24 hours of coursework and 12 hour thesis could be so exhausting! It's a STRUGGLE coupled with work & the family. I am still playing catch up from holidaying in Mustique last month. I am learning a lot but it feels like a drag! Truth be told…I feel like quitting some days.
    But anywho…I love Piper Chapman!!! She is funny, compassionate, and like me learning new things about herself everyday! I started watching Homeland while taking a policy course, The Challenge of Terrorism in IT, and got stone cold hook! The characters are rich and vibrant and witty (Saul). Homeland should definitely be on everyone's watch list. I read in the NY Times that Damian Lewis (Brody) found out that the president was a fan of the show, so he sent Barack an autographed copy of season 2 inscribed, "From one Muslim to another" lol. But more importantly… I love the hair! Kudos to you- your style fluid! You have the uncanny ability to make natural locks look glam and fab. If it tried to pull off a natural, I would end up looking like the little girl in Uncle Tom’s Cabin! CK

    1. Soror, I'm thinking long and hard about it :-). How long is your program and what degree are you seeking? I have mixed feelings about Piper, initially I liked her but as time goes on and her character develops she keeps making the same stupid mistakes and I'm wondering when she'll start learning. As for Homeland...that's some good ass writing and acting!!! I love the story about Damian Lewis and the President!!! And on the last note, you would not look like anyone in uncle tom's cabin. It just takes some getting used to. But I understand that everything ain't for everybody:-).

  3. Information Security it’s a two year program. I should have been doing homework all week -did not happen. Celebrating the holidays and birthdays with the fam. It’s been a balancing act to say the least! And you are right again, everything ain’t for everyone, but I plan to change my entire look (my hair, lol) in 2014. I am thinking a short pixie cut with a sandy brown/blonde/reddish color, but you know you have to “own” short hairstyles. No coming back from a short Do!


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