Houndstooth 3 
I'm on the patio enjoying a brief reprieve from the "dog days" of summer as grass is being cut in the distance and nature brings an unexpected and pleasant breeze.

What better time to share with you what I'm currently up to...

Reading: Nothing...I'm in between books right now. I was reading Madame Bouvary but just couldn't get through it. I hate when that happens and most times I'll FORCE myself to finish. But alas, I just couldn't this go round. I simply figured, why waste my time?

Questioning: The point of four and five inch heels (platform or otherwise). I LIVE in heels but if you can't walk in those puppies or you're twenty something and move like you've undergone a knee replacement, let me give you a piece of advice...its time to rethink the heels or come prepared with walking shoes.

Reflecting on: Trayvon Martin's death, the U.S. criminal justice system, raising black boys, the acute sense of disillusion I've felt since The Verdict, and how I can make a difference. 

Looking forward to: My upcoming family vacation. I can't wait to be outta here, Carribean here we come!

Taking care of me: By giving myself permission to not always participate. If I don't feel up to it, I simply don't make the call, I don't send the text, and I don't have the same conversation I've had a hundred times. I used to feel compelled to be front and center with my family and friends irrespective of what I might be enduring. I was motivated to leave a lasting positive impression (in part for me and in part for them). I've graduated to knowing and accepting that you love me or you don't, you like me or you don't, you want me in your life or you don't. I don't always have to be On or constantly proving myself for you to know which it is. Growing up has it perks!

How about you? Leave a comment and share what you're currently up to.

Thanks to Bobbi for the inspiration for my Currently posts!


  1. I can so relate to the taking care of me portion..we are in the same spot!!

    1. When you finally reach that point its cathartic!

  2. I am still working on the taking care of me part. I am also working on strengthening my marriage. I am trying to finish up sister soulja's coldest winter.

    1. Your awareness and willingness are the best first steps...wishing you all the best!


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