Sitting here with the family watching this playoff game and there's crazy action going on. With a recent birthday, I've been in a reflective mood lately. Thinking alot about life, my purpose,  and well...just everything!

So here's a little bit about what I'm currently up to...

Reading: Absolutely nothing! I'm a total slacker these days and I'm finding my entertainment solely through experiences with others and my tv, but I am open to suggestions. Anyone?

Watching: Mad Men. My obsession love/hate relationship with Don Draper deepens. He is, hands down, among the best developed characters to grace the small screen...EVER. He's flawed, complicated, and frighteningly compartmentalized and just when I've decided he's ALL PIG, he says something so insightful. It's like his character sees into the souls of all the others.

Looking forward to: This weekend!!! My oldest son is graduating from 8th grade...yeah boy!!! I get to share this achievement with him, cherished friends, and our family. It takes a village yall:-). I know my weekend will be filled with laughs, smiles, and a light heart...can't wait!!!

Listening to: JT's 20/20 Exerience. In heavy rotation in the car and in my ear buds. Sufficed to say, I Like It ALOT!

Letting go of: Old hurts, old people, old ways, old thoughts, old words. Life and experience have taught me that in order to get NEW, you have to do NEW (forsaking some things and people from the past).

Reflecting on: This quote. "Beware of your thoughts, they become your words. Beware of your words, they become your actions. Beware of your actions, they become your habits. Beware of your habits, they become your character. Beware of your character, it becomes your destiny."

How about you? Leave a comment and share what you're currently up to.

Thanks to Bobbi for the inspiration for my Currently posts!

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