Like It's Golden

Tee & Clutch : J. Crew | Pants: Banana Republic | Cuff: Hermes 

That time I was celebrating a friend's birthday and I wanted to be comfortable and look chic. I threw on a gold linen tee and paired it with my favorite white slacks! I've had these pants for eons and I love their flare. I played off the gold shirt and tee, with a golden bronzed makeup look and candy apple red matte lips. 

Happy 4th of July!!


Now That's a Fro!

Dress: Asos | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Shades: RayBan

This print put me in the mind of a DVF original but it's a much more affordable find from Asos:-). I don't know if you've ever been on their site, but I simply love it! You can find cute, trendy, and purse friendly EVERYthang there. 



Have a conversation with yourself and ask the following questions...what exactly makes me feel this way or that? 

Is it a good feeling? 
Do I like it? 
Is it productive? 
Is it what I want? 
Is it good for me? 

If the answer to any of the latter five questions is something other than a strong yes, then CHANGE it. 

Yup, just like that!!!


Green Day

Set: Asos | Clutch: J. Crew | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Cuff: Hermes

When I came across this citrus set I couldn't resist it's adorability. I'm not particularly pleased with the fit of the (crop) top, I'd rather it be a smidge longer (in other words not a crop top), but it'll do all the same.

Several years back I gave up wearing shorts because of imperfections like cellulite. But a few years ago I had no f**ks left to give about the subject and decided that life's too short & hot to stay covered up during the summer. My legs returned to the scene with a vengeance;-).
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